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An 11 Piece collection displaying the complex, dark, deep, light, brilliantly beautiful cosmos within us and with out us.  The micro and the macro.  There are infinite universes all within one UniVerse.  We sing one song.  Infinite harmonies.  Infinite frequencies.  Infinite waves briskly weaving into each other creating our very breath.  We sing with our breath — the very thing that allows our song.  These pieces are inspired by luminous woods, revitalizing water, wondrous air, soaring fire, intrinsic metals.  These pieces are inspired by dark feelings, harsh realities, easy living, terrific views; Oneness.  Here’s to our infinite ways of oneness.

I’m now accepting new clients in my massage therapy practice. My practice is located in Kalamazoo, MI. I have COVID-19 safety, protection, and cleaning protocols to reduce the risk of exposure or spreading of COVID-19. Complete with a lightweight face shield. Fancy. My table is still cozy and warm, with clean and sanitized sheets for you to relax into. The attire may look different these days, and the connection, rest, and relaxation massage therapy brings is still the same. Curious to book a session? Head on over to my Contact me page to get in touch. Or click the link above to schedule your session online now.

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