Success Stories

Feedback matters to me. Hear what some of my clients have to say about my work:

For the last year, I have been receiving massage from Stephanie Somerville. Her knowledge of the human body and massage therapy techniques, along with her professionalism, make for a soothing and healing environment. The energy Stephanie brings into the room is that of tranquility; helping me to remove myself from clouded headspace, and allows me to enter my own tranquil space. I initially sought out massage as a result of back pain. It has been such a relief to find massage therapy through Stephanie, as it has been the only long-term remedy for my pain. Along with the ease of pain, I have also found relief of the tension I commonly carry throughout my body. I actually leave my massages feeling taller than before the session. Finding massage, and particularly massage with Stephanie has brought the blessing of physical healing and mental calming into my life.

Katie P.

I’m writing in regards to Stephanie Somerville, who has asked me to speak on behalf of her quality in character and professionalism through her business LLC. Stephanie came to me as a student at bent9 hot yoga in order to deepen the quality of her mind-body connection and restore the attentional reserves it takes to provide service of utmost care for her own body of work as a licensed massage therapist. During our class time together she has shown a devotion to her physical and emotional comprehension. Often as not, she’s one of the hardest-working students in the room in terms of depth of understanding. She places the same care into her clients as I had the pleasure to find out firsthand During our multiple massage sessions, I found Stephanie to have incredible support for my own needs as an active member of health and service profession. Those needs were not only supported with care, but also with professionalism. I always felt welcomed and found within Stephanie a great reserve of patience. I’m certain that within whichever community Stephanie chooses to dwell she will provide a needed service built on dedication to utmost care and a great wealth of knowledge.

Rebecca Gentner, RYT-200

Stephanie is amazing!! I’ve lived in many different cities and the massage experience here is one of the best I’ve ever had. She goes the above and beyond to take care of each client’s individual needs. Definitely recommend!

Jess M.

I have been receiving bodywork from Stephanie for the last few years. She is a wonderful massage therapist and has an intuitive way of working. She takes the time to listen before each session and addresses my problem areas. I always feel so great and relaxed after a massage with Stephanie.

Ashley Candelaria

Stephanie holds the ideals of it “not having to hurt to release”. She is personable, kind-hearted and has a knack for tuning in to the body of each client. I was impressed by her way back in FTM as a student and had the pleasure of watching her grow as a practitioner throughout Student Clinics. Since her graduation, we’ve traded here and there and every session, I’m left feeling lighter and at ease. I hope all is well and thank you for your time. Best, Jessica

Jessica Kohler, LMT JessicaKohlerLLC (269)547-2565

Stephanie is a wonderful, professional massage therapist. She is punctual, takes the time to really listen and builds a tailored session just for you. Stephanie is effective and puts you at ease throughout her time with you. I highly recommend Stephanie!

Rachel F.