You feels good to feel good.

Your session is for you. You can expect a clean, sanitized, private treatment room for your session. New policies and protocols are in place to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure including air purifiers & closed system HEPA filter vacuum for the treatment room. My intention with these protocols is to support the safety of you, myself, and everyone who comes into this space. Please ask me any questions you have and I’m looking forward to working with you.

Take time to unwind. You’re worth it.

Session lengths:
70 Minute Session – Includes time for a 10 minute intake & a 60 minute massage
100 Minute Session – Includes time for a 10 minute intake & 90 minute massage

Session Prices:
70 Minute Session – $80
100 Minute Session – $110

Monday Afternoons
Wednesday Afternoons & Evenings
– mornings available, contact me for more info
Saturday Afternoons & Evenings

  • Cancelation Policy:
    • When you don’t show up for your appointment, I don’t get paid. All cancelations/reschedules within 24 hours of your appointment results in a fee of the total price of your scheduled session or event.
  • Mask Policy:
    • You must wear a mask into the building and throughout your session regardless of vaccination status.
    • Me as practitioner: Will be wearing a K95 the entire time I’m working with you.
  • Tip Policy:
    • I am licensed under healthcare, therefore, no tips are accepted in my practice.
  • Gift Card Policy:
    • Gift cards are valid for 1 year after the day of purchase. 1 year after the day of purchase, the gift card will no longer be accepted.

Interested in booking a LMT for an event?

  • Scrapbook parties
  • Employee appreciation week
  • Teen events
  • Farmers markets
  • Bridal showers
  • And more!

Event Information

  • Scrapbooking/In-Home events
    • Travel Fee:
    • $50 for 15-30 miles
    • $30 for 15 miles & under
    • $10 per additional 5 miles after 30 miles
  • Session fee:
    • $80 per 70 minute massage
    • $110 per 100 minute massage
  • Amount of sessions per day:
    • 4 70 minute sessions
    • 2 70 minute sessions 1 110 minute session
    • 3 110 minute sessions
  • Employee Appreciation Events:
    • Travel fee:
      • $85 flat rate
      • Serving Kalamazoo County only
    • Session fee:
      • 20 minute sessions = $25 (6 total)
      • 15 minute sessions = $20 (8 total)
      • 10 minute sessions = $15 (10 total)
    • For Employee Appreciation Events all scheduled sessions are charged the full amount regardless of client showing up or not for their scheduled session.

Still have questions regarding your event? Or you’re ready to book? Contact me and I’ll be in touch shortly!