Soul Care

If self care is all about becoming more self-aware, then soul care is all about becoming more soul-aware.

Connect to the parts of you that are infinite, bountiful, expanded, and light.

Bring all the other parts of you into that light. Into your light.

How do you do that?  It’s a mix of alot of things.  Mostly it’s doing what works for you.  What reeeaaallly works for you.  And on that note, Radical Self Honesty is soul care.  

Soul care and self care are weaves of the same basket.  Self care has been overplayed (in my opinion) and stretched out like a tired piece of play-doh.  New agers Love the word self-care.  And I’m saying this as a new age-r.  

So I’m bringing it back to the root of the matter.  How can you (and we) walk lighter on the planet?

That’s the question that cultivates soul-care.  Remembering who you are at your core.  Love. (and light (even if it’s super cheeky to say, it’s true.))  

So let’s get really practical.. You have your work, and your animals, maybe a kid or two, lots of other relationships like a partner, friends, colleagues.  You have that one person on Instagram who really pisses you off. You Love a good bowl of ice cream, cheese and wine, and watching lame tv shows.  And then you think.. Shouldn’t I be more evolved than this?  What about the animals?  I mean, I could be saving the planet a lot more if I was vegan… But like I LOVE to cook, and I’m nutritious.. Like literally nutrition’s my job, and I love a good grilled chicken salad.  And TACOS.. Don’t even get me started.  And shouldn’t I get into nature more?  But I’m tired and right now what sounds so good is laying on my couch watching bridesmaids for the 1,000th time…. Yeeup, I went there. If you’re thinking those thoughts about evolving, odds are, you’re on the right track.

What feels good, real, brings you relief and true joy is soul care. Regardless of what anybody else says or does.

Because what uplifts you, uplifts the planet.  And upliftment is a wide spectrum.

We all have what works for us and what doesn’t.  And what works for you will 100% look different than most people.  It doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Some things are soul-care for everyone, like keeping your agreements as much as possible and having good hygiene.   Some things are specific to you and your ideal lifestyle.

From an anatomical standpoint, anything that you do to bring yourself back to homeostasis (center) is soul care.  So going to the bathroom when your body tells you it’s time to go is soul-care.

What gets you closer to peace and equanimity is soul care.

So it’s the mineral baths, and the candles; the write n burns, and the meditation; the walking in nature, and the eating consciously.

And it’s also the laying on the couch eating a bag of potato chips because that’s what makes sense, and it’s watching a tv series again because the ending gets you everytime.  It’s the skipping out on the gym because your body is calling for rest. It’s choosing to throw away a plastic container instead of recycling once in a while because it’s so damn easier then cleaning it out, especially when things get piled up.

It’s being gentle gentle gentle with yourself, through all of it.  Mess up? Gentle.  Fell back into old habits? Gentle.  Crossed your own boundary? Gentle.  Not gentle with yourself? Gentle.

Awareness. Gentle.  Shift.  Repeat forever.

How do you shift?  How do you walk lighter on the planet?  By doing what resonates and works for you.  Here’s some ideas that work for me.  Practice what resonates:

Here’s a ChiGong video I’ve been using in my practice a few days a week. ChiGong is a type of rhythmic movement that works with your breath and moves chi, or life force, through your body. It’s sorta like yoga meets kungfu. Badass.

Full Disclaimer: These tips are all suggestions. I am not a doctor. I do not diagnose nor prescribe anything. If you are unsure of practicing a certain thing, based on health conditions, please consult with your primary doctor before practicing.

Dry brushing. If you’ve been around for a while, listening to what I have to say, you know I loooove dry brushing. Dry brushing is a gentle exfoliation of your skin with a soft bristle brush. It helps move lymph fluid in your body while removing dead skin from the surface of your skin. The face one especially helps wake me up in the morning! Keepin’ your immune system moving and stayin’ Fresh. Love it. Always remember to brush towards your heart ❤️. (For blood flow purposes and because..Love.)

Dance. The morning I took these photos I woke up to my alarm playing the “by the seaside” ringtone for Iphone. I let it play for a minute and ended up feelin’ the groove while in bed and got up to dance to my alarm. I felt alive and ready for my day. Dancing moves energy. If you’re ever feeling tough emotions, get up and move your body. I know it may be the laaaaast thing you wanna do. And trust me, you’ll feel better afterwards. And you can dance when you’re feelin’ good. You can dance whenever you want. Go crazy, don’t find the beat. Find the beat. Do whatever kinda moves your body wants. It’s yours.

Journal. Journal specifically. Journal on randomness. Journal your dreams. Journal your fears. Journal your gratitude. Whatever you do.. Journal.

You know that feeling when you look around and you’ve created the perfect aesthetic and atmosphere for whatever you’re wanting to do? And then you can really allow yourself to there. That’s my bath ritual for me. Candles, steam, soft music, essential oils, mineral salt, and water I can slowly ease into and rest in. Pure bliss. Bath time can be a quick dip, a lengthy ritual experience, and anything in between. Make it your own with your well being in mind.

Let yourself Laugh as much as you can.

Get CREATIVE. draw. paint. color. doodle. sing. play an instrument. cook. Whatever practice moves you into your body and into the flow state, DO IT. and do it often.

As the Queen Lizzo says: “all I needed was some coconut oil.” This DIY sugar scrub is so easy to make and really good at creating space to connect with your body and have you feelin’ soft and smooth. Typically I do 5 parts brown sugar(you can use white sugar too), 3 parts coconut oil, 2 parts honey, and a few drops of some essential oil into a bowl, Mix it together and vóila! You can use it for a basic foot scrub or a full body scrub, even your face. Ahhh-mazing. Note: if you’re using it in the shower, please wipe your shower out afterwards, it will be slippery.

Stay in your lane. There’s SO many causes and campaigns out there right now. SO many things to protest, to fight for, to spread awareness for. It can get overwhelming, especially with social media allowing it all to be at your forefront. Keep going back to your purpose, your why, your story. Stay focused on what you can do best where you are with what you have, and what you’re really truly passionate about.

Castor Oil Packs. These guys help relieve any achy tension you might be feeling. Castor oil has been used as a healing medicine for… ever. It’s has cleansing properties and can support the drawing up and out of physical and emotional tension. So awesome! How do you make one?
Step one: go to your local health foods store and get castor oil if you don’t already have some.
Step two: get a bandana (old t-shirts work too)
Step three: fold bandana or shirt up so it’s long somewhat wide.
Step four: apply castor oil to bandana (like one stripe across)
Step five: wrap around desired area.
Step six: (optional) wrap Saran Wrap around bandana (helps to reduce a mess)
Step seven: wait as long as you’d like. Sometimes I wait 5 minutes, sometimes I keep it on all night.
Step eight: remove and revel in the openness you feel in the area you used it!
Basically anywhere you might have tension you can use it, for larger areas you may need to adjust size of cloth. My fav is around my ankles! You can also get super into your process by journaling while the castor oil pack is on. Try using your non dominant hand too and see what comes up! It’s fascinating and very cathartic.

Massage. Ooohhh yeah.

Have a wine and cheese night with your closest friends. By a fire. mmmm

Getchoself a Talk Therapist. You may need to go through a few to find the right one. It’s 100% worth it.

Schedule your days in a planner. Write it down.

While your at it, write yourself in a No day. So when someone asks you if your free that day you can say.. “No.” Your people will thank you.