For the Creative in you who wants out

What is your inner creator?  Or maybe who? Find out through experiencing a 3-week pour painting journey.

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3 week pour painting journey

You don’t need to have a degree to be an artist.  We are all artists.  

Want to go even deeper into pour painting than just a one night fling? This 3 week pour painting journey is for you.  A space to express yourself creatively, in an environment based on process, not perfection, that brings your unique qualities to life.  This journey is designed to deepen your relationship with your inner creator, expand your creative practice and build a foundation of how to pour paint.  Each week will build on each other.  There are no grades, no tests or practicals.  It’s based purely on curiosity and play.   You’ll have me, a teacher and pour painter of 4 years as a guide into your own unique expression.

Pour painting is just like any other creative niche, it takes time and practice to create vivid, detailed, stunning pieces.  It’s not just a one and done class.  This journey shows you what it’s really like to practice pour painting. You get to dive into your creative expression, with the space to mess up, learn from your mess up, then go again.  This is the true path of creation: taking your time and learning from your previous piece.

Feeling a bit tuckered out with your creative process?  Then this journey is absolutely for you.

In this journey you’ll reinvigorate your creative process by trying something new.  Trying something new tends to pour life into familiar creative processes.  So it ups everything all around!

As a teacher at heart I’m here to give you supportive feedback on your creations so that you can continue to grow and cultivate your pour painting skills throughout this course.

Join me and four other peeps in a small gathering dedicated to supporting your growth as an artist and humanNo experience is necessary, all levels are welcome.

Come re-learn how to move with your process, and no longer second guess what shows up. Deepen your relationship with your intuitive self and feel the energy of creation inside you literally pouring out onto your canvas. 

It’s so much fun.

This journey will have you looking at life with more wonder and awe.  It’ll have you noticing details in each moment a little moreso than before.  So come join me!  It’d be Lovely to have you.

The Specifics

  • 1 day a week for 3 weeks
  • 1.5 hours a day
  • February (dates pending)
  • A 6-person class + me
  • Early evening (time pending)
  • All painting supplies included
  • You’ll build upon what you learned the previous week
  • You get to practice with a new canvas each week
  • You get to take home all 3 canvases
  • You’ll get a box to bring your canvas home each week
  • Journal questions each week to deepen your insight of your relationship with creativity
  • Presence building and skills to deepen your creative practice
  • Breathing practices before each pour to ground and set your intentions
  • A community of creatives to share this experience with, learn, and listen from
  • The feeling of relaxation and ease after each class (it’s scientifically proven creativity relaxes your nervous system)
  • Specifically curated music playlists to encourage creativity ( A new one each week!)
  • An extra dose of JOY in your week!
  • Dance parties!
  • A container of space dedicated to expressing yourself

Is this journey resonating with you?

Sounding like something you MUST be in?


Let’s get you in.

Hey, I’m Stephanie! I’ve been pour painting for 4 years, and have been a teacher 3 years. I’m a multi-passionate Entrepreneur who wants to inspire you to LIVE FOR YOSELF. I’m here to remind you and support you in the understanding that it’s safe to be in your body, it’s safe to Love your body, it’s safe to enjoy life and it’s 100% safe to get funky wid it. We’re gonna have SO much fun in this journey. I’m so pumped for you.

Pour painting isn’t reeeaaally what all those videos online show you it is. It takes practice, mess ups, and go agains to really see cells and vivid blends and imagery. I’m guessing those cool videos online take about 1,483 times to do before it looks that good. So in this 3-week pour painting journey you get the space you need to play around and see what works and what doesn’t work.

Hear what people who’ve been in Stephanie’s classes have to say:

We’re gonna DANCE and listen to rhythmic music to get you in the creative zone. Plenty of laughs and play will happen. And I want YOU to experience it. Because you deserve to have fun and enjoy your crazy life!

Wanna see how to create a pour painting based on a picture? Or create a one-of-a-kind piece for your bedroom? Wanna create a piece for your partner with the energy you’re unable to put into words? Then come join me and four others for a fantastic ride!

See you soon!

If you’re unable to make the pay in full price work, contact me, and we can figure something out!

Want to dip your toes into pour painting instead of diving in? Join me for a Pour and More session that’s one night only!

After you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email from schedulicity, then I’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours to handle payment. Payment is required before the start of the journey via online payment. All sales are final.