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An Imagination of Union by Stephanie Lee

The lifelong learning of witnessing and being in the inbetween.  The both/and as well as the neither.  The feminine is everything within itself.  And is nothing without the masculine.  The masculine is everything within itself and is nothing without the feminine.  If neither were present, there would be no need for the other.  In this, […]

How Time Travel is real:

So Taylor Swift dropped her new (old) album a few days ago.  She re-recorded her 2008 album Fearless and released it under her own name.  A badass rebellion against the recording company that she once let control her music. Taylor Swift’s music (especially her older stuff) is soul music to me.  She was with me […]

Feeling the world on your last nerve? Here’s some inspiration:

As I was waking up this morning I remembered what it was like to wake up 1 year ago.  There was a noticeable caution, awareness, alertness.  There was less noise.  The awareness  of collective oneness was high.  We could all relate to each other.  Even if it was in uncertainty.  Everything stopped.  Everything changed. We […]