Why there’s no point in having a mind-body connection without spirit:

Connection of and weaving within

One feeds into another which feeds into another – the spiral is endless. Infinite.

The patterns of connection, ways it can affect other realms are endless.  Like Pi

The goal: To listen.  To let go.  To listen.  Ground authenticity.  Ground truth of self.

Get all your muscles working the way they’re designed. Optimal functioning.  Bringing higher dimensions into physical plane. Tangible.  Grounded.

Instead of leaving body, physical body, to go to a higher plane, bringing the higher plane into physical body.  Requires a removal and shift of all low density matter & energy.  AKA Transmutation. AKA the work.  Effective energetic boundaries.  Awareness of what you need to feel safe, taken care of, and motivated to keep going.

So that we can feel relaxed enough to receive information from our highest self, higher dimensions, & reliable source.

This requires an awareness of the matter (muscles, connective tissue, bones etc.) within our physical body and how emotion interacts and stores within these tissues.

This requires an understanding of how our mental attitude correlates with the substance of our physical body.  How our patterned actions and habits connect to the functional actions of how our muscles are initially created to move, stabilize, and relax.

And how tissues can begin to compensate and function in a way that pattern our belief systems and thought processes, rather than the way they’re designed.

How tissues can begin to shut off because of how our bodies adapt to take care of us.

The awakening process is invoking awareness in tissues in your physical body.  How the incorrect actions of these tissues correlate to mental patterning and how to correct/shift the mental pattern, therefore shifting the tissue pattern.

You can work this process by coming from awareness of your mental patterns as well as coming from awareness of your tissue patterns.  As well as both congruently and multiple ways within each way. I.e. bodywork, acupuncture, talk therapy, somatic therapy, EMDR. 

When your tissues begin to open up to the density that has been stored there is when emotional or energy release happens.

This is where breath is most important.  Breath is the catalyst of transmutation.  It’s something that isn’t matter that occurs within and interacts with the physical body.  The bridge of the planes.

Doing all of this is what brings your higher self into your body, into your tissues.  Expanding your consciousness to envelope it all.  It allows greater ease of flow.

The funnel opens up, bringing understanding to your tissues in the physical plane.ย  Thus creating; a grounded being of light. ๐Ÿ”†