Need more inspiration in your life?

A few weeks ago I was sitting eating some breakfast with some friends in a secluded cottage by a lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  One friend says she’s thought about writing a book for the future to read about the year 2020. She said, “It would start with how one day a man’s voice started booming from the sky saying something like (in dramatic deep voice) ‘Now is the time, you must seek within yourself.  You must look within for the greater good of the world.  If you do not look within the world may perish!  You must find your truth.’” and then she goes on to say, “see I don’t even need to be high to be far out like this.”  It was full of humor and wit.  And full of Divine Truth. 

Even though there is no real voice booming from the skies, now is the call to look within.  To listen to yourself.  To sit with yourself and know yourself. 

What do you have to offer to yourself? This world?  What sparks your light and keeps you going everyday? You ever so pumped for your day that you start dancin’ as soon as you get out of bed?  These moments may be rare, and they are what we need more of.  I know when I’m dancin’ enthusiastically in the morning, I’m much more likely to spread Love and compassion to e v e r y o n e. I come in contact with, not just the people I like.

It may seem like, totally lame. to be that excited about your life, and it’s not.  It’s what magic is.  It’s what Love is made of.  It’s what gets you moving towards your dreams and really actually making them a reality.  Pure bliss.

Of course, it’s always easier with support.  With people in your corner saying, “You got this.”  And “I’m rooting for you.”  And “Damn girl that new track is off the charts.”  That’s where I come in.  That’s where art comes in, to inspire you.  To keep you moving in the direction of your dreams. 

A piece created by me setting a vivid sun-like tone in a massage therapy room.

And that’s why I create art and write Love notes on each piece in this collection. In hopes to bring essence and inspiration to your life so you can wake up pumped and dancin’ each morning.

So you can spread Love and compassion to e v e r y o n e. you come in contact with.  Not just the people you like.  So you can heal, and in doing so, you can heal the planet.  And the man in the booming voice from the sky will not have to parish our Earth.  Pretty cool deal, I’d say.

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