You can get more of what you want.

My bedroom.  My nest.  Space for my bed, and a table.  That’s it.  I keep it that way on purpose.  I keep the energy high and consistent, so only a few things happen in my bed- reading, sleep, pleasure, and… gratitude practice.    When I wake up, first thing I do is think about and talk aloud about what I’m grateful for in that moment and why.  Whatever pops up that morning.  Why in bed?  Why first thing in the morning?  Firstly, it helps me calm anxiety I may feel some mornings.  Mostly because I’m still in that sleepy in between land, closer to the astral plane.  Closer to source.  Easier to connect what I’m grateful for right now to something I can be grateful for in the future, something that has yet to come in.  More connection to the universe, the easier for Truth to slip in and be.  The more likely I get more of what I’m grateful for.  

Mornings.  In bed.   Gratitude.  A few minutes.  Bask.  Onward.