Letting go of someone right now, doesn’t always mean saying goodbye forever.

You ever get that nudge in your body that is telling you that times up with a person? Whether it be for reasons that are unclear or completely staring you in the face, you know you need to say goodbye? I’ve been there
too. And I’m here to tell you, that when two people need to be in each other’s lives, somehow they’ll end up crossing paths again. There’s usually a lot of people who don’t make this cut, the one’s who needed to be in your life for a period of time, never to be seen again. Then, there’s ones that come back, when it’s right to come back. That, I believe, is a God send.

Life can be most of the time unknown, who am I kidding, it’s always unknown. I’ve learned to trust the nudges, the guidance. Whether or not I always act on the nudges, well, that’s another topic. There was one
particular time though that I chose to act. I chose myself. And it ended up being one of my best decisions, I think. The nudge to take space from a person because it was causing me pain to be only friends with
them after being romantically involved, realizing that they had moved on. How many of you have acted like a friend, only to be thinking inside, “Damn I wish things were different.”? Yeah, that was me. It felt brutal.
And it felt even more brutal to say over the phone, I need space from you, so I can let you go.

And it was what I needed. I took space for myself to grieve what once was, and it hurt like hell. The good hurt. The hurt that brings you into your body, that connects you deeper to your source. Over some time, I was beginning to look up again, open to other possibilities. Excited for what could be in store for me, curious even to newness.

And then, we reconnected.  As friends.  The sense of desperate jealously was gone from me and replaced with joy of being in their life once more.  The kind of feeling where you know it’s right, where it feels good.  
And it feels good to feel good.  Somehow our friendship deepened and expanded.  Flourished, even.  We opened up to each other even more.  

We naturally fell into each other again, all the way. Yes, romantically. More open. More presence. More Love. Deeper Joy. Child-like. Laughter.

I didn’t know that was gonna happen when I ended our friendship initially. I had no motive. I just knew I didn’t want to keep feeling that way. This showed me how powerful the universe and I can be when we work together. How powerful you and the universe can be when you work together. That true and beautiful things always show themselves, because they are true and beautiful. So, you, trust the nudge. The future is always unknown. It’s never real. What’s real is what’s right now. Do what needs to be done to feel good in this moment. Say goodbye, or quit the job, or move across the country. Whatever you do that’s true inside of you, will always be the choice that’ll support you. And your people will always show up, always. Some times, you need space to learn some more things or to realize your own wants and needs before deepening relationships. It all comes in Divine Time. Trust it. Trust you.

With Love,

Stephanie Lee