Inner Child Attuning

Sitting bull quotes “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.” When I read that as a woman with no children I think of my own inner child. My own little girl inside. We all have an inner child. During my recent processing I’ve been connecting with my inner child. She has been through a lot and had been very sad and hurt. I’ve come to realize that even though I don’t have any children on the outside to be responsible for, I am now responsible for nurturing my little girl.  As an adult it is fascinating to me that I have gotten to this point. And quite honestly I’m excited to be able to take care of her now. To love her, to appreciate her. We talk in the mirror now. This is not a gimme people. It’s a raw experience to sit in front of the mirror and ask your inner child “how are you doing?” And to allow the authentic answer to rise. During conversation it can be heart wrenching, painful, exciting, nourishing, complex, simple, all in one, afterwards it is quite fulfilling. To have that part of myself be heard and forgiven creates wholeness within.  I’ve learned that my inner child had always been alone and as an adult I got used to being alone, for all the wrong reasons. I had secretly always wanted attention and never felt worth it so I went about getting it in negative, degrading ways. Now it’s out in the open for me, my inner child deserves love and attention, and yes, wants it. Really actually needs it. As I connect deeper within myself I get to give myself this love and attention, and self love is the most powerful medicine. Now I ask for support and enjoy spending time with my soul tribe and I look forward to going home and nurturing myself, satisfied where I’m at and open and accepting to all the good coming my way.  I spend alone time totally different now. Instead of feeling ornery because I could seem to get attention from other people, I rejoice because I get to give it to myself and hazzah! Miraculously I spend more time with tribe than I ever have in the past. Huh, what a paradox folks. So the question for you, lovely readers, is: when and how do you connect with your own inner child? They’re ready for you.