The Lymphatic System.

This may seem quite obvious, if you put your hand on your heart, you feel it beating. Internally that beating rhythm is in charge of circulating blood through the body. All of the tiny arteries and veins have pumps directing their line of flow. So when you’re sedentary, your blood is still flowing. Maybe not as fast as when you’re sprinting a 100 m dash, yet it’s still pumpin’ for ya. The lymph system is a little bit different. The lymph system isn’t talked about much and it is a very important system in your body, it is your immune system. There is a vast network of lymph vessels running throughout the body, alongside blood vessels, that move lymph fluid through to various regions of your body. The difference in the lymph system is that it doesn’t have an automatic pumping factor! The body doesn’t have another heart that pumps the lymph fluid through your body even when you’re not moving. So yes, you guessed it, if you’re body is not moving then lymph fluid is not moving. What is pertinent about this? Staying healthy is all about healthy, balanced movement of the body. Okay so what does it mean to have healthy, balanced movement? I first want to express what it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean running your body constantly until it has nothing left to do but to notify you that you’re sick so you have to lay down and get some rest. I believe some people get sick because they don’t know how to say no, so their body begins to say no for them. That is not healthy movement. Healthy balanced movement is getting up and moving your body wisely, it is dancing and jumping on a trampoline. It is running or walking or jogging or biking. Moving in a way that gets things flowing without compromising yourself. Yes it is very important to rest, movement can also be drinking water and dry brushing your skin, receiving bodywork, laying with your feet up on a wall. Balancing between movement and rest is a fun and interesting experience. If you’re moving, your lymph fluid is moving, circulating, and refreshing itself. This system is one of my favorites, because I find when taken care of properly, sickness is typically a rare experience. All in All, listen to your body. It knows what it needs, always.