Tuning into the Body Sense

When a human being is in a relaxed state, when the mind is quiet, the body gets an opportunity to speak.  When your body is demonstrating feedback signals or “Talking to you” it may look as simple as stomach gurgling when digesting, to a pain in the shoulder, or even agitation from environment.  During a relaxing event such as therapeutic bodywork, the body having a high potential of transitioning into PNS, one can become more aware of what is authentically happening within the body vessel.  Allowing this awareness to occur is the initial step in releasing tension and the healing process.  

What is the point?  The relaxed mind opens up space for deeper work to occur.  It opens up space for one to look within and become aware of suppressed “Stuff”, and how to authentically release it to achieve homeostasis, the natural balance and stability of the body.  This process can be just that, a process. As I have mentioned earlier in this article, today’s societal demands leave little room for awareness of self and the importance of positive self care.  Taking that step towards freedom is something one gets to do starting from within.  

To become aware of the layers of “stuff” one has accumulated from birth(and intrinsically beyond depending on spiritual beliefs) is a courageous journey to endeavour.  The body has a natural inherent wisdom within – consciousness-that has been passed down through generations to create uniquely sculpted vessels for our beings to experience life in.  We get the opportunity to create, to appreciate, to achieve, to be, to love. What is the ultimate goal in your mind? Has this answer been followed with doubts and lack of initiative?  Good for you, that is the first step towards change. The mind is a powerful source and can sound very convincing. So imagine if you transformed that negative thinking into positive processing?  Ringing better?

This shift in the mind – body – spirit connection is not something that just happens over night or by “luck”.  It requires an effective amount of effort, forgiveness, discipline, determination, and love. It is a decision one must consciously make every day, choosing to heal.  I have found that this journey is not easily taken on at first and can feel a lot smoother with guiding and facilitating support. Most importantly, this journey is unique to every being.  Have you ever found yourself moving through patterned thoughts, daily crippling routines, and overall feeling the “Zombie Effect”? It is okay and it does not have to be that way. You can have anything you want and need.  My initial conscious shift in my personal continuum came as a thought of “There has got to be more to life than this shit.” I did not know what I was getting myself into at that point allowing myself to think like that.