What the hell is even happening in your body?

Recently I was in conversation with someone expressing their healing process from poison ivy. They mentioned that the lesions were large and deep in their skin and the doctors were prescribing steroids to helps counteract the rash. “I got the ivy in October and wasn’t up to feeling better until April.” She was going on about how once she got on the steroids her stomach started to become upset for no apparent reason. She started feeling bloated, was having trouble sleeping and couldn’t find the cause of these symptoms. “Steroids are shots of cortisol that shut down your adrenals which disrupts your digestive system and doesn’t help in relaxation when wanting to sleep.” I say. “Wow that’s exactly what was happening, I didn’t know any of that.” She replies. So yes reason being of this topic is it is ultimately your joyous responsibility to figure out what the hell is happening in your body. It’s worth it to seek education correlating with the functions of your body, and proper information on what you may be ingesting to hopefully support your systems. There is a ton of information out there for you! You can Empower yourself by educating yourself on yourself. Sounding interesting? It sure is. Whether it be checking into certain body symbology, discovering ingredients in medications, or seeking fun youtube videos on how your body supports you, the opportunities are endless. And you will be amazed at how incredible you truly are! This is intriguing me to search for hopefully helpful research articles to provide more information on what the hell is even happening in your body from formidable sources. Happy Discovering!