Article one: Systems.

When one first ponders the word systems, what rings for you?  Initially I go to: Stereo system. What is a stereo system? In full it is something that creates sound.  Moving into the components of the sound, there are typically different parts, such as speakers, cd console, channels to tune into, volume knobs, and sensory inputs working together to create the whole.  Going even deeper into the stereo there are specific wires and connections within the

speakers, cd console, channels, knobs, and sensory inputs occuring to create the different working parts to create the whole.  Deep to those wires and connections, there are specific particles that fuse and vibrate together to create the wire and connections, that create the speakers, cd console, channels, knobs, and sensory inputs, that create the whole stereo system.  With me? Say one wire is compromised. The whole system in turn would not function as properly as it could, correct? It may still produce noise, yet not at the quality it did when first designed. This analogy coincides perfectly with what is happening within the Human Body.

Like a stereo system, the Human body has specific particles working together to create specific tissues working together to create specific organs working together to create specific organ systems working together to create a specific YOU.  If one piece of the puzzle is compromised, the entire unit is affected. I am bringing up this piece to start a foundation on how to properly maintain your vessel. Keeping in mind that your whole is constructed of many many many individual parts working together to create your unique form & function.  Let’s look at this practically, say you let another person give you advice that doesn’t necessarily make sense

intuitively to your self yet you let the disconnect from self happen because this person may be of great value to you.  Right then a wire was compromised, thus shifting the entire unit minutely off base. It may not seem like a huge effect yet over time the system becomes dull therefore producing less and less sound from one’s own internal processing.  If enough wires are compromised one starts to look for others to speak for them or let others speak for them. Referring back to the analogy for a moment, if your stereo system stops producing a certain quality of noise, what would you do? Get a New one, of course.  Can you do that with your Human being Vessel? Not in the same way you can with a materialistic item. Not to fret, remember the levels of organization in the body? Particles to tissues to organs to organ systems to full form being? The phenomenon of the human body is its inherit factor of being filled with

living pieces that have the ability to redirect, reform, & renew themselves.  Genius huh? Back to you own compromised body, there is no use hiding from it, everyone has compromised their wires at some point or another, how can one start to detect and shift their compromised wires?  First step: Awareness. One starts to become aware of themselves in a new way, while beginning to notice the compromised wires and the effects they have on their being. Second step: willingness. One must actually truly be willing to want to change some of their ways.  Third step: The application process. None of these steps happen over night. It is a gradual set of motions unique to one’s individual process. An easy start to becoming completely in-tune with yourself is to start to notice what is happening within specific systems within your vessel. The topic next week in this blog is a specific system in the body that is your body’s main control center: The Central Nervous System. Stay Tuned Folks…